Osho Jain, Saar Album Tour 2021 | Bengaluru

With lyrics that stimulate the senses you never knew were there, piercing, melancholic yet healing melodies, Osho Jain’s eager and intuitive soul turns music into medicine. Writing and learning instruments since 12 years of age, Osho takes the most complex emotions and colorful chords and turns it into simple yet relatable music. A Jack of all trades, Osho has written, composed and produced most of his releases till date, 14 singles and an E.P.. “Khush To Hai Na” released in 2019, received immense love from around the world and marked the beginning of his independent release journey. Although acoustic was never his only style, he has played with several bands for 8 to 10 years, venturing into the world of rock & roll as well.

His bitingly expressive yet soulful debut album, “Saar” is now streaming on all platforms.