Parx Music Fiesta in Mumbai

Music is that magical feeling…

When fashion and music bond, it is simply magical. Parx a youth apparel brand imbibed music as its signature and whoa what a journey it has been where we brought out India’s Best College Bands who are now carving a niche for themselves amongst country’s rock and pop scene through independent music.

Music is at its best with a throng and bigger the clan stronger the creed. Leaping ahead with a bang, the brand Parx is now upping the tempo and presenting you the Parx Music Fiesta – a dazzling weekend carnival.

In the first year itself, Parx Music Fiesta will be the noisiest fest in the country producing thousands of decibels of music across various genres through a plethora of great artists from across the country. The festival is curated for everyone that will set in the groovy moves, bring alive the nostalgic flashes and yeah for many it will serve as a Déjà Vu moment for the future.

Promising a thumping debut, Parx Music Fiesta will be one of the most trendy music fests with prodigious artist line up to have ever happened in Mumbai.

*Children up to ten years of age can enter the festival for free. Children under age 18, will need to be accompanied by an adult guardian at all times. We would also recommend children use hearing protection so that they can groove to the music no matter where you take them.