Sonu Nigam Live in Bangalore for Social Cause on April 19, 2014

Sonu Nigam Live in Bangalore for Social Cause on April 19, 2014

Sonu Nigam’s Live Concert is gearing up to take place for the cause of raising funds for the brave souls battling cancer. Organized by an NGO called the “Inspired by Life,” the fun filled musical extravaganza of Sonu Nigam is something the people of Bangalore cannot miss out on.

The Sandese Aate Hain singer who is renowned for his soft and soothing voice would be performing at the National college ground, Basavangudi, in Bangalore on April 19, 2014 to raise funds for the NGO.


“INSPIRED BY LIFE (R)” is an NGO that is actively working in the field of Education, Community Development, Environment, Rural Development, Health in the sense of fatal ailments like cancer, heart diseases, AIDS,etc., along with taking up many Religious projects that would bridge the gap between the traditional customs and with the new age ideas and scientific methods.

The projects of the NGO are aimed at helping the economically underprivileged groups in the urban and rural areas across Bangalore.The Sonu Nigam’s Live Concert is a musical extravaganza that is being organized by the “INSPIRED BY LIFE (R)” and would serve as a complete package of solution to increase consumer engagement with the brands displayed.

The Sonu Nigam Live Concert would attract a huge number of audience just as the singer’s previous concerts across the globe, more so in the case of this concert,in Bangalore,as it is being organized for a charitable cause. To ensure that the patrons do not experience any difficulty during the live concert, a venue with ample parking space and an elaborate layout is being arranged. The venue is also ideal as it offers immense opportunity and extensive branding for the organizations associated with the event.

Leaving no stone unturned in making the Sonu Nigam Live Concert the talk of the town,a well-designed publicity campaign is being planned in the form of newspaper ads, radio jingles, hoardings, float, pre-event activities.

The Sonu Nigam’s Live Concert is being organized on a massive scale and would, therefore, require the support of big brands, so here is a call for all the esteemed brands across the country, for mutual benefit.Part of the Proceedings from the Sonu Nigam’s Live Concert would be donated to “Cancer suffering patients.”

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