Thomso 2014 – Cultural Festival of IIT Roorkee from Oct 31 – Nov. 2, 2014

Thomso 2014 - Cultural Festival of IIT Roorkee from Oct 31 - Nov. 2, 2014

THOMSO is the annual youth festival of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee recognized as one of the greatest and the grandest youth festivals of India. Thomso encompasses in itself lavish history, splendid culture and a profoundly rich heritage of IIT Roorkee. IIT Roorkee, earlier known as Thomason College of Civil Engineering (1853-1948) was established in 1847 in British India by the then lieutenant governor, Sir James Thomason. The fest took the name ‘Thomso’ in 1982 inspired by the founder, and holds to it to this day.

Recognising this event of gargantuan proportions, the Government of Uttarakhand proclaimed Thomso as the “Annual Youth Festival of Uttarakhand”. Thomso embodies the spirit of life and gaiety, by living up to its expectations.

We, the students of IIT Roorkee, thrive to attain perfection by making Thomso a brilliant masterpiece of grandeur and eminence. The fest plays host to the most strikingly talented scholars and academicians from all over the country, attracts media moguls and celebrates the divine congregation of culture and intellect. With a behemothic footfall of more than 15,000 students, comprising several IITs and NITs, Thomso becomes the abode of this ambrosial combination.

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