Home Gardener’s Fair in Hyderabad from December 24-27, 2015

Home Gardener's Fair in Hyderabad from December 24-27, 2015

Gardening makes a home more liveable and a community more vital.

Gardening is seen beyond a hobby, as a beneficial activity towards environment, eco system, social and health. As this improves the natural habitat for many birds, animals, insects and other organism, this is also helpful in reducing the Urban Heat Island effect. Greener roofs and walls reduce the indoor temperature by few degrees, ultimately leading to saving of electricity. Waste water and food waste can be reused as manure for the home gardening further reducing the garbage.

Through the various concepts of Urban Gardening like container gardening, roof gardening, indoor gardening and community gardening is promoting healthier life.

Technology is playing a vital role in making the urban gardening interesting and functional. One can now get the plants to decorate interior of the house which can also improve indoor air quality. There is actually no limit these days to grow a plant in the houses. One can grow healthy and organic vegetables in their balconies through special methods.

A concreted city can be converted into beautiful landscapes by the practice of urban gardening. Making the urban spaces more liveable and contribute in building a sustainable and healthy ecosystem.

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