Android++ Hackday in Hyderabad on January 5, 2014

Android++ Hackday in Hyderabad on January 5, 2014

Android++ brings the smart talent together. Calling all android developers, designers, coders, experts and enthusiasts. Get Coding and Develop to make Idea into an app.Create and publish your own Android application on Google Play store, using your Android coding and programming skills.

Have an app idea? You don’t have to be a developer! If you know how to code, have skills and interest to design and develop android apps this is the place for you! Come and join us in the first time ever Android Development Hackday! Use your ideas to make some of the best apps.

We will be joined by developers, senior developers and experts from the industry. Check below for fee details. Spend a Sunday building something for the community. Confused on what to build in a day? No problem, come over share your idea if you can and we will help you build a simple prototype by the end of the day.

Let this be an intense, productive and awesome collaboration of smart minds. Entries from teams and as individuals are welcome where both should be registered as individual tickets only.

Ticket Details:  Rs. 300/- Per Head

* Refreshments will be served at the venue!


  1. We encourage you to come forward with your original ideas
  2. We strongly discourage building off of existing projects you’ve worked on. Bring it to our notice, if you are use some of your old codes. You cannot steal another team’s source code
  3. Please comply with all instructions from Android++ organizers at the event.
  4. Offline payments are not allowed. Book and pay online ONLY.

What Should You Bring?

  1. Your own laptops and hardware if you are doing a hardware hack.
  2. Lots of energy to spend the whole day coding and brain storming.
  3. Your registration tickets(Printed or Digital).

Why Should I Pay?

  1. We are providing a space for you to spend a day to hack and build cool stuff.
  2. We only want serious developers and enthusiasts but not a general crowd and more.

Who are we?

We are a group of individuals from Hyderabad striving to build the gap between the enthusiasts and the industry to provide the best Android learning platform. Support us by sharing the events and information.

Venue Sponsor: The Hacking School

E: [email protected]
P: +91-9618035273