ChugNCode – 9 Hour Hackathon in Mumbai on December 21, 2013

ChugNCode - 9 Hour Hackathon in Mumbai on December 21, 2013

We are organizing the cities first Code N Chug Hackathon called – ChugNCode Yes you heard it right its Chug and Code! A unique event where you get to do not only what you love to do <#!code> but also get to chug down few beers while you play with your code.

A 9 hour Chugathon where some crazy App Ideas will be brought to life and we mean it.

What are we talking about?

A meetup collided with a hackathon comprising 9 hour of open hacking for ideas that are ridiculed by others and chugging few beers as well! Lets bring some fun and crazy ideas to life

Why should you be interested?

1. You are a coding genius bitten buy a Bug to do weird things but you are stuck in your busy life. Yeah we can understand that.
2. You have a solid concept but nobody agrees with you as there is no business sense to it! – For Us Money is the by product…:)
3. You just love coding – We love you too!

Who can participate:

Anyone who can code well – Begineers, Pros, Hackers all are welcome.
Just register online and get your invite. It’s an invite only event so registration is compulsory.

What will happen at event!

Level 1: Brainstorm on Ideas.
Level 2: Pair up and form a team- You won’t be allowed to drink or code alone, you have to drink and code at the same time.
Level 3: Present what you make or break (cause you know why?)
Level 4: Whatever let’s celebrate CHEERS!!!!!..:) That’s what we want to do!

Check-list:Things you need to take care of.
Laptops: You are coming to a hackathon and you would need laptops to code. Don’t forget to tag it as well.

9 hours is a hell lot of time but we are sure you wouldn’t want to spend it in downloading softwares. So come prepared with Databases, SDk, etc etc

Speed Breakers:

Our goal is Code and drink, know your limits to avoid any accidents and humility. We want you to poke others not Puke on others!


Have a backup plan ready as where you would go after the party? Call for friends or taxi who will take you home!!


Email: [email protected]
Mobile No: 9768-00-9191 / 8080-3636-81

Registration URL:
Email: [email protected]