Code Agon – Hackathon Online for Codenation on January 26, 2016

Code Agon - Hackathon Online for Codenation on January 26, 2016

It is Time To Show OFF Your Hacking Skills. To Start With.

You have always known that you are good at Code. You have always looked for the Bigger Challenge, that greater Playing field. You’ve always wanted to Pit against the Best. It is time to show everyone else and hack the hackers.

CodeNation is conducting a nationwide Coding Challenge, CodeAgon!

You get a chance to win prizes worth 2 lakhs and a chance to interview with us for the position of Software Development Engineer for 2016 graduating students and summer internship for 2017 graduating students.

Eligibility for CodeAgon

– Should be a fresher (Graduating in 2016/2017) pursuing BTech, BE, MTech, ME, MCA, MS, Dual Degree- MTech+BTech, PHD.
– This contest is open to all for participation, but only Indian contestants are eligible for prizes and job opportunities
– Earning these prizes isn’t going to be easy. You’ll first have to take up the CodeAgon- The Lakh challenge and face off against thousands of other developers who are taking up this challenge!

All CodeNation software are built on a revolutionary assembly-line platform called ALINE. ALINE manages the flow of work in the factory, automates many tasks, performs constant quality control, gathers metrics, and enforces a rigorous process. This incredibly meticulous system calculates every single detail involved in making the process better.

Our solution allows our customers to manage very large amounts of data. For example, an airline would get the ability to process 5 million business events each day, dealing with gate, fuel, food, and customer data, and also be able to share this information with airline employees and customers in real time. It has allowed our customer to transform their business, improve customer service, and reduce costs.

One of our strategic applications gives all stakeholders in the company a trusted view of what is being worked on, and why. The system helps drive priority decisions from the perspective of company strategy. These are just a few examples of the types of work we do.

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