CodeStorm – Coding Competition from October 29-30, 2015

CodeStorm - Coding Competition from October 29-30, 2015

Compete with programmers across the globe.
Win prizes. Land your dream job.

CodeStorm is an online coding competition that remains open for 24 hours. It is open to all countries and to both students and working professionals. It starts October 29th, 16:00 UTC.


– Please refrain from discussing strategy during the contest.
– This is an individual participation contest.
– Any case of code plagiarism will result in disqualification of both the users from the contest. We have a fairly good plagiarism detector that works at the opcode level.
– You can code directly on our interface. We support 20 major languages. You can have a look at the environment in which we run your code. You can try out sample code given in Solve Me First to get familiar with I/O.
– HackerRank admins decisions will be final.

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