DCEI Presents Hack Infinity in Gandhinagar from November 11-12, 2017

DCEI Presents Hack Infinity in Gandhinagar from November 11-12, 2017

Among the few National Level Hackathons

We are travelling around the globe to get companies, knowledge and talent. It is one of the very few Hackathon’s in India to allow global participation of students and companies. The opportunities to build, network and learn increases more than ever !

HackInfinity don’t want precious ideas to die young. Keeping the young ideas alive is our moto. Valuing the participants is our priority. Come and participate in India’s first ever hackathon which nourishes the fresh ideas by providing per-incubation facilities which can result in a healthy product for the people around the globe.

You never know who you’ll meet at Hack Infinity– perhaps the person having a coffee to your left is a design prodigy, perhaps they’re an expert at some new technology. Hack Infinity is a platform for you to connect with best developers from all over India. Just approaching others and building relationships can leave you with incredible connections.

HackInfinity knows filling your tummies with delicious food is as important as filling your mind with creative ideas. So your food is fully on us with infinite cups of coffee. We assure you that you’ll definitely leave with a better version of yourself.

Your valuable mentor-ship and job opportunities can attract a good crowd around the nation to participate. There is no fixed bounds on how you can contribute. We would love to talk to you directly. Please leave a message with your contact [email protected]

Your food, transportation, and accommodation will be taken care of by us. The only thing you need to do is to code, explore and bring the creativity out from within yourselves. Just come here with your smart workstations, but don’t forget to bring a backpack full of creative ideas.

HackInfinty never sleeps, we will provide you some fun activities to take a break from your hard hacking. Here sleeping is optional but trying to make awesome things is not.

What is HackInfinity?
HackInfinty is an initiative by some geeks at DA-IICT to gather students who is enthusiastic to experiment and create unique software or hardware projects from scratch. We enable teams to make something great in only 28 hours by providing an abundance of hacking resources like mentors, sponsors, and hardware components. In the atmosphere full of fun and hacking, sleep will be left back. Play, code,eat,think and repeat. Sleeping is optional, but trying to make awesome things is not.
Who can participate?
This is a student hackathon and only students are allowed to participate. If you are under 18 years of age, we’ll need a parental consent form.
What will be the team size?
This hackathon is strictly a team competition. We believe that you’re stronger as a team than you are apart. The team size maximum of five and minimum of two is allowed. Most teams aim to have a mix of people with both design and developer skills.
How does the selection process work?
Tell us what makes you apply to HackInfinity, what excites you, accomplishments you are proud of and whatever else you think can strengthen your chances of acceptance. We’ll get to know more about your abilities from the past projects, GitHub profile, participation/awards in other hackathons.
How much does it cost?
Nothing …( Perks : We’ll provide you with meals, drinks, snacks, a place to crash when you need a break from coding and helping out as much as we can with transportation!).
Do you provide travel reimbursements?
Yes! You will have to submit your travel reimbursement forms and receipts on the Dashboard. For each location hackers travel from, we’ll determine a reasonable cap. We will reimburse travel costs up to this cap only.
What do I need to bring?
A valid government-issued photo ID, laptop, phone, chargers, any sleeping equipment you might want (we’ll be providing mattresses) and your lucky coffee mug!
What shouldn’t I bring?
Weapons of any kind, drugs, or alcohol. If you’re not sure whether something will be okay, please ask ahead of time!
How does judging work?
A panel of some of the biggest names in tech will evaluate hacks based on creativity, technical difficulty, design, and usefulness. The top 10 overall projects will present what they have built in front of all of Infinity Hackers during our closing ceremonies. New judges will be announced on a rolling basis on Twitter and Facebook, so make sure to follow us!
Can I start working on my hack before the event?
No. In the interest of fairness, students should not be working on their projects before Hack Infinity begins and we do not allow participants to work on pre-existing projects. However, you can familiarize yourself with all the tools and technologies you intend to use beforehand!