Hack In The North 2020

Hack In The North is the collaboration of programmers, designers and inventors to code, design and build innovative solutions that tackle real world problems.

We provide a venue for self-expression and creativity through technology.

It doesn’t matter if someone is still making their first app or their 100th one. There are a lot of things to learn.

The only constraint is time.


At Hack In The North, we create an environment that brings developers together irrespective of their gender, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background or ethnicity.

Ever since its inception, over the years, we have strived to make up for the lost opportunities for women by endorsing them in tech through our various programmes.

Hack In The North 2.0 had a direct entry to any and all girls’ teams and individual entries while the best team received special prizes and swags. In the third edition of Hack In The North, we took it a step further and reserved 20% of the seats for female participants. Hack In The North 4.0 witnessed a special monetary prize of Rs. 5000 to the best performing all girls’ team.