Hackathon with HMWSSB in Hyderabad

T-Hub has partnered with Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage water board (HMWSSB ) to execute a hackathon by scouting best solutions based on 10 problem statements provided by the board from pan India and inviting the shortlisted applicants to participate in a 12-hour hackathon at T-Hub. The finalists would get an opportunity to work with HMWSSB for a pilot and would receive INR 25000 per finalized solution.


HMWSSB would like to improve efficiency in its operation by leveraging the new technologies, a total of 10 problems are identified in which either a cost-effective solution or a novel efficient solution is possible with the advanced technologies. With the advent of IOT and LORAWAn, HMWSSB felt a lot of manual operation can be made smart and efficient. Some of the existing solutions are obsolete and needs overlook to improve parts or whole of the solution by using the latest technologies.

Selection Criteria

Innovators with a prototype
* Present the prototype on hackathon day.

Desired qualities of the envisioned solution:
Usage of the existing infrastructure of the water board in an efficient manner
Robust to the real-world environment.


I. Smart Water Meters
HMWSSB having 2.5 Lakh water meters fixed by consumers, those meter reading are being collecting by the meter readers on monthly basis .
These meters will be placed below the ground at the depth of 2-6 feet inside the sumps with Cement Cover over the chambers

II. Smart Valves
Recently HMWSSB completed DGPS Survey all valve , there are around 60,000+ valves in the HMWSSB jusrdiction
There are various types of Valves made of DI /CI placed on the distribution network
Different Type of valves such as SLUICE VALVES , Air Valves , Butterfly valve , pressure relief valve ,Non return Valve and Control Valves etc.

III Water Tanks / Reservoirs
HMWSSB has around 400 + Reservoirs located in around Hyderabad.
Levels of reservoirs are being monitored by the line men using age old mechanical level gauges.
Flow rates are being measured with help of flow meters.
Real-time reservoir level and flow rate will help field officers to asses the situation and take remedial action in case of dead storage ,over flow etc.

IV Smart Water Tankers
HMWSSB supplying Water through Tankers to the unserved areas
All these tankers are hired by the department for free ,payment services
Tankers are need to be tracked and also water delivery to the consumers need to be identify with the help of sensor which will enable department to how much water has dispensed and how much water delivered ,any diversion of the water

V Man-hole
HMWSSB maintaining 2lakh + manholes daily there are frequent overflow on the roads which are being attending by the staff with Airtech machines
Overflow alerts of manholes will help the officers to take immediate action and also avoid inconvenience to the citizens
During monsoon season removal manhole covers leading to accidents ,which need to be also identified alerted to the concern area officers to take immediate remedial action

VI Septic Tanks
In the ORR Villages there septic tanks using by the citizens to dispose the sewage
These tanks need to be maintained regularly with the trained professional
These tanks should be opened with -out taking precautionary measures to avoid health hazardous to the workers
HMWSSB looking for solution to identify unauthorized opening of the Septic tanks and inform the residents and local area officers .
Solution should be low cost and low maintenance

VII Pipeline leakage detection
HMWSSB having Water Supply pipe line distribution network around 4800 Km in core city and 4000 km length in peripheral areas
These infra are under road level , majorly made of DI/CI material
Every day around 50 + leakages complaints are being registering through customer care , which leads to wastage of valuable treated water on roads .also damages roads
HMWSSB looking for smart solution which will give instantaneous alerts on the major pipe line/valve leakages to reduce water waste by taking timely action by the concern officials.

VIII Water Quality Monitoring
QAT staff are collecting the samples of water at various designated points ,this information is manually feeding into system. Which need to be transmitted instantly to higher officers to monitor situation in case pollution by chlorine sensors .
Chlorine cylinders replacement is being done by agencies (MOM) with help of registers ,which need to be tracked with the help of assets tracking solution

IX STP Monitoring
There are 25+ STP being maintaining by the HMWSSB in around HMDA area
With these STP HMWSSB treating 600 + MLD Sewerage
These are using treat the sewerage water , various parameters ie ph , BOD ,COD ,Facial Colform ,TSS are being monitoring manually using traditional methods for tolerance limits .
These need to be recorded in registers on daily basis , which require a atomization to made available to the all officers with the help of IOT based sensors

HMWSSB using e-pos machines for issue of bill and door step collections
These bills are instantaneously updated to the Revenue billing system
The data will be automatically loaded to the epos machines on monthly basis
The DB size will be around 2-5 mb for each pos machine