HackFest 2016 – Hackathon by Accenture and LinkedIn in Bangalore from September 24-25, 2016

HackFest 2016 - Hackathon by Accenture and LinkedIn in Bangalore from September 24-25, 2016

Problem solving can be fun!

At HackFest, you will have a unique opportunity to solve real-world business and human challenges with innovative and game changing ideas.

Hackfest is a high energy, fun event with food, drinks, activities, music, swag and networking. It is a fantastic opportunity to discover and showcase your talent, meet new people and shape your future.

You stand a chance to win a cool gizmo bag with products from Apple, Bose & Moto!

Are you ready to apply your creativity and imagination to solve extraordinary business and human challenges?

HackFest 2016 is a celebration of ideas from brilliant youngsters like YOU – who have the power to radically change the way companies think about their workforce. This non-stop 20 hour hackathon will challenge your grey cells like never before as you put forward innovative, revolutionary solutions to some of the biggest business and people challenges of today. Register NOW to experience a unique platform to show-case your ideas, learn from some fantastic industry veterans, make new friends, take home amazing prizes and a bagful of awesome memories!

When and where does it unfold?

The HackFest will begin at 3 PM on Saturday evening – September 24th in Bangalore and continue non-stop for 20 hours to 12 noon the next day (September 25th). Students from all over the country shall join hands to solve for some of the biggest human challenges of today.

Eligibility & Participation

Who is eligible to participate?

All final and pre-final year students across graduation/post-graduation courses in India are eligible to take part.

What are the qualifying rounds to the Hackfest?

Put your thinking caps on as only the best talent will qualify!

Pre event Qualification is a 2 stage process. In stage one, you need to register and answer a qualifying question in not more than 200 words (yes, we take the word limit seriously)
Your answers will be reviewed and judged based on quality of answers, innovative thinking and feasibility of implementation. The entries with best answers will be shortlisted to Round 2. More details in questions below.
For Round 2, you will need to make and submit a short video.
Shortlisted participants from round 2 would be attending the Hackfest as Finalists!

Do I participate as an individual or as a team?

Both Rounds One and Two are individual rounds. Hackfest finalists will need to team up on the spot, at the venue (details to be shared later) to develop and present their final solutions on D-Day

What is the short-listing criteria for both the rounds mentioned above?

Stage 1 shortlisting criteria: For the Qualifying question

a. Quality of content
b. How feasible/practical is the solution/recommendation
c. Creativity / Innovativeness
d. Communication – Structure: logical flow of thought, articulation
e. Adherence to word limit

Stage 2 shortlisting criteria

a. Quality of content
b. Communication skills and body language
c. Creativity or innovativeness of the solution
d. Time management

How do I go about it? Where do I start?

Start by registering and submitting your responses to our qualifying question on the landing page (www.hackfest2016.in).

The best entries will be shortlisted for the next round.

What is the last date to register?

The clock starts NOW! And ticks away till midnight – August 5th. Entries received beyond this cut-off will not be entertained by the Accenture – LinkedIn HackFest team.

What next after I qualify in Round One?

The competition just goes up a notch as you pull out all stops to make it to D-Day!
For Round 2 – we want to see you (and we really want to SEE you) at your best – as you record and upload a short video where you give us your response to a particular question.

Videos again are judged based on innovative ways of presentation and quality of answers.

What next once I get past the video round?

Once you have managed to completely amaze us with your intelligence and imaginative ideas, you will have the chance to be part of the final HackFest on D-Day.

Travel & Logistics on D-Day

I am an out-station participant who will be travelling to Bangalore for the main day once I qualify. What kind of assistance can I receive?

Travel arrangements to and from the venue for all our out-station finalists shall be in-place and effectively intimated well in time.

How will the local / in-city travel arrangements span out?

We have a very efficient team in place to take care of all intra-Bangalore travel on event day. Specific pick-up and drop-off points shall be communicated closer to the event dates.

Who can accompany me to the venue of the Hackathon on the event day?

All family/friends/well-wishers of our finalists can accompany them up-to the event venue and be there to receive them after the event is over. Unfortunately, they will not be allowed to accompany the finalists into the venue.

What are the things that I need to carry as a finalist to the HackFest?

Bring your β€˜IDEAS’ – along with your laptop, phone, chargers and ID proofs. Also consider bringing a fresh set of clothing and any personal items (towel, deodorant) you need to stay fresh through the 20 hours.

The Hackfest Finale

What happens on the main day of the event?

The HackFest unfurls with the best and the sharpest minds engaged in discovering solutions to the problems presented before them. The solution can be a marketing campaign, a conceptual pitch for a product design, a business proposal, or a schematic for a demonstration – the options are endless! To help you stay on track and deliver your best in the given time, we will have a well-versed group of mentors to guide you through the challenge on D-Day. We will also have refreshments and energizers to keep your energy high through the marathon as you race to submit your awesome ideas to the judges. So, rack your brain for the most innovative ideas and pitches to take home the prizes!

What are the facilities provided during the Hackathon?

All meals, snacks and energy drinks, on the house!
Whiteboards, markers, pens, paper and the internet – things that will help you brainstorm better
The perfect ambience to allow you to work and hack the night away!
Awesome mentors to help and guide you!

Do I need to submit a working prototype for the solutions I present?

We understand that it may be challenging to demonstrate a working model at the HackFest. We do expect your solutions to be engaging, well thought through and well presented.

The Final Prize

What is the final prize once I ace the Hackfest?

In addition to the experience of a life-time, absolute bragging rights, a first time ever opportunity to network with, learn from, present to, innovate alongside awesome peers and industry leaders, you get gifts worth Rupees Two Lacs for the winning team, where each participant will enjoy a cool gizmo bag with products from Apple, Bose & Moto!

The teams at the second & third spots get products from Bose and Amazon worth Rupees One Lac.

Can my participation or qualification lead to any internship / employment opportunities with either Accenture or Linkedin?
This is a unique Hackathon and is not linked to internships or employment opportunities. This event gives you a chance to brainstorm and discover solutions, win amazing gifts and undergo a fantastic experience that you will treasure in your journey ahead.

Website URL: http://www.hackfest2016.in/
Contact Us: [email protected]