HARBINGER 2021 – Reserve Bank of India’s First Global Hackathon

India has witnessed significant growth in payments over the past decade with the introduction of numerous payment systems. The challenge has been to sustain the growth in payments and ensure a shift in customer behaviour towards the vision of a less-cash society by creating a framework of robust, convenient, accessible, low cost and secure digital Payment and Settlement System in the country which is adapting and evolving with time, customer and market landscape.

In order to encourage innovation in payments system, Reserve Bank of India is organising its first global hackathon – HARBINGER 2021 with the theme ‘Smarter Digital Payments’ with four problem statements to shape the future of the payment systems in India. The hackathon invites your innovative ideas for the select problem statements.

The Hackathon shall run in two phases with Ideation in the first phase and Solution Development in the second phase. RBI will shortlist the most promising solutions for further support. Wherever needed, these solutions will be provided with technical and regulatory support so that demo-able products can be created.

The shortlisted entities need to submit a working solution which would be evaluated to decide the winners. The winners will be selected based on certain evaluation criteria inter alia understanding of the problem, innovation, solution comprehensiveness, ease of implementation, demonstration/user experience, etc. towards the end of the event.

Important Dates

Hackathon Start: November 15, 2021
Hackathon End: December 15, 2021

HARBINGER 2021 invites innovative ideas for the following problem statements in the payment and settlement systems landscape:

  • Innovative, easy-to-use, non-mobile digital payment solutions for converting small-ticket cash transactions to digital mode.
  • Context-based retail payments to remove the physical act of payment.
  • Alternate authentication mechanism for digital payments.
  • Social Media Analysis Monitoring tool for detection of digital payment fraud and disruption.


Winners in each category of problem statements will get prize money as given below:

Winner – ₹40,00,000 (Rupees Forty lakh)
Runner-up – ₹20,00,000 (Rupees Twenty lakh)



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