Junction 2021 | International Hackathon

Junction 2021 is the crown jewel of international hackathons, gathering people around the world together for 48 hours to hack in both physical locations and online.

This is Junction 2021
What are the things that drive you โ€“ what makes you tick?

A meeting place for thousands of developers, designers, and business minds. A weekend-long experience, gathering tech enthusiasts from all over the world to create with the latest technology in a unique environment and atmosphere.

This year, we’re building bridges cross frontiers, as Junction 2021 gathers techies together for 48 hours to hack all over the world in both physical locations and online.

Last year, the event brought together over 2 000 participants from 88 nationalities, and resulted in 200 new tech projects, created from scratch in just 48 hours.

There’s something for everyone.
The hackathon is divided into challenges based on different industries and themes. You can choose to work on multiple challenges during the hackathon: and you can even combine them and submit your project to multiple ones!

We aim to get the challenges out as soon as possible – most during October. Remember that you do not need to choose your challenge when applying to the event so you can already apply and choose the challenge later when all the descriptions are out.

The Hubs
All around Tellus.
Junction is again happening live this year! Although Junction 2021 is an online-first event and all the content will be available via the virtual Gather world. However, in addition to the virtual stuff, we host multiple physical locations – Hubs – together with JunctionX teams, partners and other independent, remarkable hackathon organizers around the world.

The local hubs give a twist to the concept of a normal online hackathon, by increasing the sense of community and making physical interaction possible when needed. This years hub locations are visible on the map below!

The last day to apply to a hub is the 31st of October, so if you want to experience Junction 2021 live, register before November!

๐Ÿ–Š๏ธ How to Apply
The only acceptance criteria set in stone is that you have to be a techie in one way or another โ€“ whether a coding wizard, a designer with an itch for techy stuff, or a business mind looking for new tech-related experiences.

Multiple factors are taken into account in the application process: we mainly focus on the applicantsโ€™ skills and motivation. We value diverse skill sets and backgrounds, within teams and within the whole participant pool.

You can apply with a team or by yourself, but all team members must apply and be accepted as well. We also make sure to help you find a buddy or two at the event, if you need.

Applications close November 7th, 11:55 PM EET (GMT +2). Note that application to Hubs ends already October 31st!

๐Ÿ† Prizes
Main prize for the hackathon winner team is 10 000โ‚ฌ ๐Ÿ˜Ž

In addition to the main prize, our partners reward the top teams with challenge-spesific prizes. Challenge prizes typically range from the company’s products to cash. More information is available on the event website’s challenge section.