Moonfrog – Geeks and Games Hack in Bangalore from October 17-18, 2015

Moonfrog - Geeks and Games Hack in Bangalore from October 17-18, 2015

This Hackathon is organized by Moonfrog, India’s no 1 mobile game developer company started by ex-Zynga, ex-Google executives backed by Tiger Global and Sequoia. At Moonfrog, Engineering is considered the key differentiator to bring the best in technology to the mobile gamers. We work on next-generation technologies that enhance the experience our users get while playing our games which are optimized for India. Being the largest player in gaming in India, we need to handle the scale of millions of users generating billions of interactions on a daily basis. To work at this scale, we apply various facets of technology e.g. Distributed Computing, Data Science,Machine Learning etc.

Mobile gaming is a field, which requires you to think about performance, scalability, availability and user behavior analysis from the word, go. As a part of this hackathon, we would love to see projects and solutions which solve some deep technical problems that Indian mobile users face.

Following are the high level themes

1. Games
(a) Showcase your talent to build super fun games, designed for the next 500 million users in India

(a) Build systems, infrastructure which can scale at minute’s notice

(a) Build tools to manage humongous amount of data as well ways to use that data to understand user behavior

You can choose to build something which lies in any (one or more) of the above three themes. These are general guidelines and not binding. We would love to see what you come up with! More details about the themes will follow soon. If nothing else, come over and lets play some board games!

Moonfrog offers opportunities where you can dive right in, work with smart people on challenging problems and make impactful products that reaches tens of millions of users.

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