RevHack in Bangalore

The RevHack 1.0 is a hackathon that encourages learning, collaboration, growth, innovation, and fun among India’s network of technical talents. Reverie Language Technologies has initiated this program with a more significant aim and will continue our legacy and perform better than the best. The event is for the audience who have a passion for developing the Indic language solutions to bring language equality on the internet.

What is RevHack?
This hackathon is centering on building a system for solving problems in Indian Language Space while at the same time providing a platform for competitors to present the creative solutions that solve specific problems. It will help to: Crowdsource solutions for improving governance and quality of language technology solution Provide an opportunity to provide innovative solutions to India’s daunting challenges

What You have to build ?
You have to build and deliver the Functional prototype to present their idea that solves the problems in Indic languages using technology.

Who are we?
Reverie Language Technologies, we are the leader in Indian language localization and user engagement technology solutions for over a decade.

We are working with a vision to create Language Equality on the internet. We dedicate our language practice to help client’s future-proof their rapidly expanding content by combining cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Neural Machine Translation (NMT) with best-practice approaches for optimizing content and business processes.