RTBI and IBM Hackathon in Chennai on November 28, 2015

RTBI and IBM Hackathon in Chennai on November 28, 2015

Can change take place in a day? Can innovation take place in a day? If you agree, then YOU have arrived at the right destination.

IITM RTBI and IBM’s – Innovation Drive for Impact is a fusion of entrepreneurs, software developers and social change makers coming together with a common objective to solve pressing problems in our society. This is a ’one day Hackathon’ event where participant teams create new apps, new businesses or improve on existing ones, to make disruptive and positive changes in the society and environment. These 12 hours will largely comprise of development of applications that could lead to sustainable businesses, broadly based on themes outlined below, with guidance from an esteemed mentor panel.

For those who dream of making a change in society, this is a wonderful platform to showcase their ideas and solutions; for RTBI-IBM, this is a chance to bring some of these ideas to life through technology tools and incubation support.

When it comes to an information technology platform to build, deploy and manage a solution in a secure way, IBM makes available to participants of this Hackathon, a free access to its cloud service called Bluemix – a developer’s dream platform with all the tools and services he/she needs to build applications drawing on a range of services including information management, analytics, mobility, security and even the more powerful Watson Services and the Internet-of-Things.

Website URL: http://www.rtbi.in/Hackathon/
Email: [email protected]