Best Manager 2014 – Management Festival in Punjab on April 17, 2014

Best Manager 2014 - Management Festival in Punjab on April 17, 2014

Teams have to play all the rounds step by step . Teams will be filtered after Rapid fire/ Entrepreneurship according to time schedule.Cumulative marking will take place.

1.Aptitude Round – 25 MCQ questions in 15 minutes
2.Ethical Abusing – Teams will be given 1 company each of same category followed by Controversial debate . Each team will be given 10 seconds to speak up their points on the given topic turn by time.
Total Time : 60 seconds
3.Rapid Fire – Time limit 60 seconds.Scoring > +1 = correct , -1 = wrong answer , 0= pass
4.Entrepreneurship – Round details will be given on the spot.
5.Linking – Team will be given a random product. They have to tell maximum accessories out of the product with their brands. (All the brand and accessories should be of known company and its not necessary to speak the original accessory brand)
6. Case Study – Teams will be given case study of a topic. Thinking time = 60 seconds , Speaking time = 60 seconds.
7.Smart Judge – A video/text would be shown to one of the team mate . The other team mate has to guess the video/text.
Time limit : 30 seconds
8.Video Round – Video length around 2 minutes. Writing time – 30 minute , Speaking time – 30 seconds
9.Innovation – Bring a innovation in yourself
10.Group Discussion – Group Discussion on a random topic given at the spot.

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