Gordian Knot – Management Fest in Indore from November 13-15, 2014

Gordian Knot - Management Fest in Indore from November 13-15, 2014

Gordian Knot 2014 is the flagship marketing event of IRIS which tests the intelligence and acumen of marketing enthusiasts through various rounds conceptualised around different concepts in relation to sales, advertising, merchandising and strategy. It derives its name from a fable of Phrygian Gordium associated with Alexander the Great. Metaphorically it represents an intractable problem that can be solved only by thinking outside the box. Hence the legend of Gordian knot is totally apt in representing what our event stands to achieve.

It consists of different layers of online and off-line rounds. The prelims are conducted online in form of quizzes and competitions during the initial phase. The on-campus rounds are ideated in a manner so that they quiz the marketing insights of the participants while ensuring that the teams are enjoying as they toy with marketing constructs. The team of three, which collectively has the capability to overcome all the meticulously crafted tasks with perfect execution, is the one that would emerge as the winner.

In a nutshell Gordian Knot is a carnival that celebrates the fight between the most brilliant and insightful minds as we push their innovation forward to redefine marketing as we move on every year.
We shall not reveal more, Gordian Knot has always been a mystery… you unravel once you reach Planet-I !!!Be a part of the most dynamic event at Iris, IIM Indore.

Online round- 15th October 2014
Last date for registration- 14th October 2014

Email: [email protected]
Website URL: http://www.irisiimi.com/iris2014/index.html