Interface 2020 – Management Fest of BITS Pilani

The Department of Management (DOM), BITS Pilani, proudly presents the 43rd edition of the annual management fest, “Interface” at the onset of 2020. Interface is the signature fest of the DOM, that binds together future managers from the top B-schools in a red carpet of challenges; helping them visualize themselves as corporate leaders. It is not an event, but an experience – it is a journey through the management jungle, blending professional challenges and fun activities. Apart from being a-platform for young intellectuals spread across the nation, Interface is also conclave for top industry leaders and experts.

Interface’20 is like an expedition into the dense jungle, panting with wary steps into the marsh. One cannot see the overcast sky through the trees, as the pace slows down in the wild, as one feels the contradictory emotions of fear and bravery, serenity and anxiety. Though haunted by the mystery of our bizarre surroundings, humanity plunges into the dark in search of the unknown. Likewise, in the real world, we all live in, a dark cloud of pollution escalating health concerns, a crowded landmass swiftly running out of natural resources all leading to a competitive business environment, which further places the onus on managers to take cautious steps for the future. Interface this year highlights on untangling these interrelated issues, through sustainable development and innovative solutions, to pave the path for economic stability in a business view with the theme, “Unravel the Enigma”.

The events conducted under this theme belong to all the major fields of management – Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Human Resources (HR). The participants would be tested on different facets of managerial concepts and their applications in the business world. The events include case study analysis, virtual stock trading, and business plan presentations. Paying heed to the old adage that “A manager is more of a thinker than a doer”, the students will also be tested on their logical thinking and decision-making capabilities, by challenging them to find the best possible solution to the real-life scenarios provided. In addition to these events, eminent scholars from diverse fields of the industry are also invited for guest lectures and short workshops to share their experiences and explain the requirements of the industry to the students.