Hyderabad Dribbble Meetup

DesignBoat is excited to host the Hyderabad Dribbble Meetup! Calling all designers, illustrators and other creatives from the Historical City of Hyderabad! together to talk shop, mingle, and walk away with some great swag!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Networking (yes, you may be required to wear a name tag)

  • About DesignBoat (Get to know what cool things we do in the design space)

  • Design challenge (read: you could win a prize)

  • Snacks and food provided

  • Swag from DesignBoat and Dribbble, – plus an awesome door prize.

Doors open at 09:00 AM, meetup starts at 10:30 AM. Please bring a valid ID for security purposes. We hope you’ll join us for a chance to meet other creatives, get to know the team at DesignBoat and generally just have a fun day!