Pecha Kucha – Vol 15 in Hyderabad

If you are wondering what PECHA KUCHA is, Please read a few points below:
– Inspired by the concept of “Talk Less & Show More”, It is a storytelling format, where a presenter shows 20 slides for 20 seconds of commentary each.
– Presenters share creative work or speak about passion topics as travels, research projects, hobbies, collections, or other interests. Video art has also been presented at some events.
– Each individual presentation will have a maximum limit of 6 min 40 sec.
– This is an interactive and fun way of telling a story.
– There is networking post the event where you can interact in person with our presenters and your fellow beings.

We have 8 presenters for the evening who are from varied backgrounds and have a different journey altogether.


Santosh Mohan Veeranki
– An Indian born British Aerospace Engineer turned Storyteller.
– Founder of Tale Tellers Troupe India (India’s second-largest Storytelling Club working towards seeing an India without stage fear).
– He is also the founder of Cinephiles Film Club (a world cinema screening club which aims towards promoting film appreciation amongst Telugu cinephiles). Currently, he is working on his directorial debut with a reputed production house.

Prudhvi Chowdary
– He is a graduate from VIT in the field of Mechanical Engineering and later pursued his PGDM(MBA) from IMT Hyderabad.
– Worked as a research analyst at InRhythm Solutions but this did not give him satisfaction.
– He then explored his interests, went out with his camera and started seeing through it.
– His photographs were featured by National geographic India, Canon Asia, BBC Earth & Lonely planet.

Deven Baheti
– An aeronautical engineer, who left his 9-5 job to rescue animals and is the founder of “the pet cafe”, which houses a few of his rescues.
– Till now, his organization, “Devens Hope” has rescued more than 2000 animals- including dogs, cats, sheep, horses, goats, and camels.

Patruni Chidananda Sastry
– He is an expressionist Dancer and Performance artist and has a unique style called “Expressionism” which is a new way to tell stories of awareness to society.
– He contributes his attribute of dance with many causes like Gender studies, sexual education and women empowerment.
– Patruni also used his skill to bring in visualization to the complex numerical and conceptual subject and processed a new way to represent data. He also created a new style of tranimal drag, storytelling and performance happenings.

Srujana Shaga
– She is a Btech graduate in Computer Science & Engineering and as usual, got placed in a well known corporate but left her job to pursue something different.
– Drawing inspiration from Arunima Sinha (first amputate to trek Mt. Everest), her goal is to summit all the 7 continent’s highest peak and through her journey wants to send a message to all the women out there, to take their own decisions, follow their passion leaving behind social and family limitations.
– First Hyderabadi girl to trek Mt. Kilimanjaro at the height of 5895mt and has trekked 3 peaks so far.

Lavanya Kesari
– She holds a Masters degree in Finance, worked as a financial analyst for a well known corporate for quite some time and quit her job during her maternity.
– Post the period of maternity, she became morbidly obese and then decided to lose weight no matter weight and this was her first exposure to the world of fitness and never stepped back since then achieving a transformation from 88Kg’s to 50kg’s which proves its never too late to start new things.
– She did many fitness-related certifications and later became a trainer.
– She is the first female to represent Telangana in national-level fitness competitions and won the silver and bronze medals.

Raeesa Bukhary
– She is a pharmacist who worked at different healthcare startups but wasn’t satisfied with what she did.
– Her quest for something impactful and challenging led her to become a teacher at Teach for India and is in love with her work.

Rashida Kalangi
– She specializes in Semi Abstract Vector Portraiture, other Abstract/Semi Abstract art, and Landscapes. The purpose of her work is to bring canvases to life with her thoughts and observations.
– Vibrant color scape and bold strokes and textures mark her work.
– Rashida’s personal positivity and sensitive perception find the best expression through her paintings.
– Her work, in her own words, is “a utopian world which aspires to inspire the viewer” and her landscapes, especially, are marked by serenity and a certain dreaminess through which she invites the viewer into an idyllic space.