Speed Date Singles with LOL in Hyderabad on January 13, 2018

Speed Date Singles with LOL in Hyderabad on January 13, 2018

Once you have confirmed your event participation, please forward your booking text message to 8527524999.

MEET DATE LOVEWithLoLSpeed Dating!

Feel the chemistry OFFLINE! MINGLE with Other SINGLES! No more wasting time on fake profiles online, chat, messages, calls for months before you actually meet. Be a Pioneer trying something Trendy and Fun! 80+ successful events in our country, 3.000 members and thousand possibilities for you!

1- Chat with minimum 8 Eligible Singles for 8 minutes each and Score Them.
2- Drinks are on us.
3- The day after receive your Matching Details by email.
4 – Get in touch with your matches!
*Do not talk about personal life, ex relationships or work. Just be polite, respectful and smile all times!

SINGLES ONLY. IT Pros, Businessmen, Army Officers, Lawyers, Models, Corporate Heads, Doctors, Celebrities, RJs, bright students with high net worth waiting to meet you!

We will make sure you meet at least 8 eligible singles of your age category.
If you do not like anybody GET FREE TICKET FOR NEXT EVENT!
If you postpone the events for any reason, you can sign up for next event or you are always welcome to ask for refund.

**PRIVACYAGREEMENT**No one will know your full name, contact details, where you live or any other personal details.

Welcome drinks for all!
GIRLS BE OUR SPECIAL GUESTS! Buy 1 ticket and bring a friend for FREE!

You have to come 15 min before time of the event to check in.Please consider traffic and be on time! Respect the time of other participants!

Be LOL Social Club Member Today to get most benefits: Get 4 Speed Dating Events and 1 Goa Singles Mixers Party Entry free with LOL Social Club Membership Signup !!

This event is going to be a wonderful experience.

For more details, contact: 8527524999

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