New Years Eve 2015 EDM v/s BDM in Mumbai on December 31, 2014

New Years Eve 2015 EDM vs BDM in Mumbai on December 31, 2014

Entry time for the event : Anytime between 9:00 pm to 3:00 am
Would I be allowed incase I am late for the show : yes
Is re-entry allowed: yes
Are children allowed for the event (specific age to enter): 18+
Age limit to buy a ticket: 18+
Over all Capacity of the Auditorium/Stadium: 1000
Are there any other performers : no
Ticket Rates: Mentioned above
Differences between various ticket categories:
Ticket inclusive of Hospitality (F&B)? Yes (Unlimted imfl Alcohol and starters )
How is the seating arrangement – Seated/ Non-seated :Non-seated
If seated, will customers get specific Seat Numbers while booking or is it a free seating with first come first serve basis? No Seating
Approximate distance from the first row and the stage if possible: 6 to 7 feet
Type of seats: No Seats
Seat layout of the Auditorium/stadium: Room
Does the venue have a roof top / covered: yes
Which categories have an A/C: all
Are Wheel Chairs or an Elevator facility available at the Venue: yes
Venue for Parking? yes
Is parking free or chargeable? Chargeable

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