COUNTDOWN 2020 Begins 3.0

Make your plans for New Years Eve and leave all your stress behind!

You will have a blast at our New Years Eve, Countdown party 3.0 at this PREMIUM VENUE- LOFT38.

Limited entry to avoid pushy crowd and clumsy management!

This event features:

Countdown with showers at 12.00

Unlimited Food and Drinks

Lip smacking food

Best DJs in town

Photography and media coverage of the event

Guaranteed to be the best night of the year

Unlimited lavish spread of food with multiple options

A wide range of unlimited drinks with premium international brands

Entertainment zone with photobooth, props, etc

Ring in the New Year in downtown Indiranagar! Traveling from near and far, thousands join together in the most beautiful ambience to celebrate with a free evening of fun and entertainment at one of Bangalore’s largest New Year’s Eve celebrations.



Whiskey:- 100 Piper, Teachers ,Ballentine

Vodka:- Smirnoff,Artic

Gin:- Blue ribond

Rum:-Bacardi Superior,Old monk

Brandy:- Manson House

Beer:- Tuborg

Wine: Domestic wine

Cocktails/Mocktail:Bartendor special


Whiskey :- jack Daniel, Jim Beam, Jameson irish

Vodka:- Absolute & Grey goose

Gin:- Beefeater

Rum:-Bacardi Superior,Old monk Caption Morgan

Brandy:- Manson House

Beer:- carlsburg/Tuborg

Wine:- Jacob Greek

Cocktails/Mocktail:Bartendor special


Aerated Beverages: Coke, Sprite, Soda

Juices: Canned juice