New Year’s Eve 2020 (Kitty Su Delhi)

Another fabulous year at Kitty Su comes to an end with a BIG BANG! The year’s going to culminate with something extravagant and something that you’ve never seen before. The Near Year 2020 is Bigger and BETTER than ever.

Featuring: Resident baes

2019 was an amazing year for Kitty Su. Happy happenings that prove my kittens are awesome, and that you feel fabulous while at Kitty Su.

And now, it’s the countdown for the longest night of the year – 31st December, when at the stroke of midnight, the world knows nothing but to go all out with the sexiest of outfits, accessories, high heels, and questionable drinking morals 😉 A whole night of unadulterated music, Kittens on the Saxophone, Golden Shower boys, Men in High Heels, and what not.

To get you in the groove, I have arranged for luxurious hotel rooms at The Lalit, New Delhi. Don’t worry I’ve got your back, again!

To know more, call 9971-933-554