MASQUERADE NYE 2022 Luxury Party at Frat House | NYE 2022

FRAT HOUSE brings you another exclusive show MASQUERDAE NYE 2022. Prepare yourself for the Biggest, Elite & Luxurious New Year’s Eve Party this 31st December feat. Prithvi Sai.

For the first time in Hyderabad ! The biggest, loudest, funniest, and craziest masquerade ball party is finally happening with a Magical Night of Mystery & Revelry. Witness the enjoyment and reveal all the secrets behind all those mischievous masks. It’s time for some refreshment and partying at Masquerade Party that can prove to be a great idea. Come with your favorite friends and colleagues and with your best party outfits. The MASKS will be given FREE at the entry. Come early to get your best Mask, it’s all for you, which fits your beautiful attire and look stunning. Have unlimited food, Cocktails, Friends, Fun and most of all Great Music & Entertainment.

Artist : Prithvi Sai

Prithvi Sai is currently rated as the Best EDM Artist in Asia, Prithvi Sai is one of the most popular DJs on the circuit. With his signature style of mixing and ability to craft mashups, he has become famous for bringing everything from old classics to contemporary hits onto the dance floor. He is a well-established artist in the music industry with a growing number of fans who can’t get enough of his music. The career of is marked by many achievements and is full of variety. In 2008, at the young age of ten, he started DJing professionally. Soon enough, he was recognized by the World Records Academy London for a three[1]hour nonstop performance mixing over a hundred songs. He never fails to bring a fresh spin on his music. Music fans never hear the same thing twice from him, as he switches between genres and ideas to offer something new always. Whether it’s a riveting classic track with a big-room twist or a full-fledged tribute shows honoring the musical prowess of his favorite Bollywood actors and musicians, Prithvi always delivers a unique experience for his listeners.

So Hyderabad, get ready for the musical journey like never before. “The multi-faceted event will include the performances of popular English & Bollywood songs that tops everyone’s playlists today.


INFO : 9121041007 , 9121042007 , 9121043007