Bharat Un-Conference: “Build With Bharat”

As part of #IndiaProductified mission, this virtual “Unconference” will share experiences and explore unique technological capabilities & products that can play a significant role to “Build with Bharat” in the world with new normal. It is crystal clear, world will have unique economic, cultural and societal challenges. Nowhere will these be more starkly visible than in rural & semi-urban India euphemistically called “Bharat”.

“Bharat” with its unique socio-economic needs – and its own biases and lesser digital skills – will challenge any company which tries to force fit products, processes and marketing plans pre-designed for urban markets. It’s clear that solving these and “Building for Bharat” will be ever more important to any business looking to grow aggressively.

We know “Bharat” warms up to certain capabilities: Voice-enabled products; Video (vs text); Vernacular. What else?

How do we build Digital skills? Will Tele-medicine become a critical need, propelled by Niti Aayog’s new guidelines? Over the years we saw the “Feminisation” of Indian agriculture; will we now see its “Mechanisation” to overcome the demand-supply mismatch for labour? Can Ecommerce platforms meet Bharat’s supply chain needs for Agri and small industry? How can we facilitate working from smaller towns, going beyond WFH in a big city?

Come and join us to “Build with Bharat” by improving economic, social and environmental outcomes. Your vote will help decide an agenda that suits your preferences in this “Unconference”. This event has been conceived with an entirely unique format and through a community collaboration approach.