Comedy Munch: Knotty @ 9.30 – A Stand up Comedy Show

After whole day working from home what’s better than a dose of laughter. Comedy munch is here to give you laughter riot with non other than Knotty Commander Manish tyagi.

Manish K Tyagi is a Naval Commander, who took up stand-up comedy as his post-retirement career. Carving out a new career in his forties and becoming so successful in the competitive comedy circuit speaks volumes about the man. Manish Tyagi specialized in humour at the age of 48, after retiring from a career in the Navy spanning 23 years

Rules of the show:

  1. This show is on Zoom. Please download the Zoom Web Meetings app and register.
  2. The show begins at around 9.30 pm. Please make sure you’re ready by around 9.20 pm and join the zoom call. Also make sure you’re in a good room with internet and silence around.
  3. Please wear headphones. Manish would like to hear you laugh but wouldn’t want to hear his own voice echoing off your laptop/phone 😛
  4. Please do not RECORD any of this! This is a ton of hard work and effort going into making you guys laugh during these tough times and we’d appreciate it if you respect the artist and craft by not recording.
  5. Laugh loud and enjoy! You’re part of something special!
  6. Most Importantly – Don’t forget to wash your hands okay?