Convincing Brand about the Value of Communities | AMA Session

Hey Folks,
As per our last discussion in the group & seeing the need of the hour, we are coming up with our next session Community Live Series and this time we are calling Navin Narayanan for an AMA session where he will be answering all your questions around…..’Convincing Brand about the Value of Communities’.

About Speaker
Navin works at Centre of Gravity as a Partner and from the last nine years, he has been helping clients with building strong business decision-making and brand-building through Customer Centricity.
Well, he is an expert in understanding the customer life-stages, behaviours and motivations and a specialist in Customer Profile Development, Strategic Planning, Qualitative and Quantitative Research, Analytics, Consensus Development and many more.

About Session
Convincing your stakeholders/brands/business to start or invest in the community is a big-time problem for all of us being a community manager and it will start bothering when we have to:
~ Beg for resources and funds to run a community for them
~ Prove the ROI of the community
~ Explain how Community Management is different from Social Media Marketing
~ Face difficulty to align Business Goals with Community needs

And for all such situations you’ve been struggling with, we thought to do an AMA(Ask Me Anything) session with Navin as he is the one who can help you resolve such issues & tell you what you can do to make it better at least.