COVID-19 related Labour & Employment Laws Issues Webinar

Information and legal guidance on how employers should address COVID-19 as it continues to evolve and Q&A that addresses the latest legislation and legal considerations. With his vast experience of counselling IT & ITES Industry, he will address the following issues:

• Employers legal obligations in respect of Payment of wages during lock down period
• Whether Employer can lay off Employees during lockdown & post lockdown period.
• Whether Employer terminate surplus Employees, if so, what are the legal formalities
• Whether Employer can persuade the Employees to go on compulsory leave without pay
• Whether Employer can debit / adjust the leaves of Employees during lockdown period.
• Whether Employer can reduce pay & allowances / pay cut to Employees
• Whether Employer can recall offer letters issued for fresh recruits/ campus selection.
• Whether Employer can defer the date of joining offered in offer letter for fresh recruits
• Whether Employer can defer / cancel pay hike, increment, appraisals , promotions .
• What are the legal obligations of employer towards work from home Employees ?
• What is the legal procedures for Layoff?
• Can the Employer realign work & offer proportionate pay & compensation benefits to the Employees ?
• Can the Employer modify the mode of engagement / Employment?
• Strategic legal compliance .
• Any other queries that may posed by participants.

We request you to send us any other legal queries from your end, for the opinion of speaker/ Attorney. These will be taken up during the session.