Dance Fitness with Certified Trainer Riddhi Sheth Powered by Fitternity

Join Celebrity Trainer, Riddhi Sheth, on Thursday, 18th June, 6 PM for an energetic Dance Fitness session focussed on cardiovascular exercise with easy to follow choreography that will keep you moving to increase your heart rates.

All you need to bring is a napkin for wiping away all the sweat as you dance, and a bottle of water to stay hydrated through the session.

People across all age groups are welcome.


Riddhi Sheth is a Certified Zumba Instructor for over 8 years, conducting Dance Fitness sessions at JG’s Fitness Centre since the year 2012.

She is also a Certified Masala Bhangra Ambassador and is an IFAI (Indian Fitness and Aerobic Institute) certified fitness trainer.