Forkwell Coronavirus Hack

What is Forkwell Coronavirus Hack?

It’s a two-week online hackthon that will allow teams to compete by using technology in order to combat the viral outbreak. The hackathon will gather hundreds of software developers and data scientists from around the world to fight against the novel coronavirus, using publicly available datasets and algorithms to come up with relevant solutions. We’ll provide you with all the resources and mentors you need to help you work on something ground-breaking.


Find a candidate drug (ligand) with a high binding affinity with the COVID-19 main protease.

A few studies have shown that HIV antivirals offer promising results, but this is still an open field of discovery.

Use machine learning to identify a potential candidate, then use docking software to get the binding affinity between it and the main protease.
Write a report that describes your process and results in detail in the form of a jupyter notebook.

Finding a new drug or validating an existing drug are both suitable approaches.


Build web-based or mobile apps to help nations cope with the outbreak.

WHO has outlined key actions for managing pandemics; testing, tracking, tracing, isolation and quarantine. Governments around the world are applying these key actions to cope with the spread of disease but appear to be inadequate with the scale of the outbreak. We as individuals can play a substantial role in combating this outbreak. With the help of modern technologies, we can realise these actions effectively.

Identify worrying trends by applying AI and Big Data techniques to publicly available datasets.
Propose and develop a prototype that helps nations alleviate these worrying trends.
Showcase your proposal and prototype.

Developing a tool targeted for government, authorities, communities, and individuals are all acceptable. Teams with the winning prototype will automatically get a “wildcard” placement in Sunway iLab’s Super Accelerator program to realise the prototype at scale!

Winning Prize 🏅
1st Winner

USD 1000 Cash
AWS Credit USD 500
DigitalOcean Credit USD 500
Wild card to Sunway iLabs

2nd Winner

USD 500 Cash
AWS Credit USD 300
DigitalOcean Credit USD 500

3rd Winner

USD 200 Cash
AWS Credit USD 100
DigitalOcean Credit USD 500

For all Malaysian participants

Chances to participate in our TGL (The Great Lab) Grand Design Challenge with funding worth of RM1,500.
Chances to be qualified for our incubation program with grant worth up to RM50,000 plus facilitation.
Opportunities to apply for our R&D grant with exclusive coaching (the grant with minimum RM100k to RM200k for at least 24 months)

Rules and Regulations

🟡 General

Base guidelines can be found here and on top of that, these rules mentioned here applies.
You have full autonomy on how you structure and architect your project, this includes choice of language, choice of technology and target platform (however, the web is preferred).
You are open to use and depend on any publicly available datasets and open source technologies.
You have full ownership of your project including the option to continue contributing to the project after the event has ended. However, during the period of the event, the project has to be open sourced licensed.

🟡 Submission

Your submission is only considered legitimate when you submit BOTH 15-minute presentation video AND a link to your forked repository off the hackathon kit template repository. 
For team submissions, you are required to display the name and github profile of your team members in the 15-minute presentation video as well as in your projects’ README.