Ghar mein ghus ke maarenge jokes

About the show:

An online pan-India comedy show with jokes on topics like love, relationships, current affairs, politics and, of course, the end of the world!

Duration: 1 hour

About the comedians:

Utkarsh Ujjwal

Identity: Frustrated Bihari

Strengths: Bihari

Weaknesses: Frustrated

Instagram handle: tootesapnevol1

Pratyasha Rana Patgiri

Identity: Lovesick Assamese

Strengths: Forgives easily, only when it’s her own mistake

Weaknesses: Secretly loves Tiger Shroff and tries black magic on Disha Patani

Instagram handle: Funnykarnika

Aneesh Ayyappan

Identity: Bald Mallu

Strengths: No bad hair days

Weaknesses: Inability to fathom the vapid futility of life. Also, indigestion

Instagram handle: newsfoolery

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