Halka Phulka – Online Comedy Show

Samanvay is a Delhi based stand up comedian. Within a short span of 10 months, he has established himself in the comedy industry. His Instagram reel called “Punjabi Songs: Then VS Now” has crossed 3,00,000 hits. His Youtube short called “Saajan Tose Prem Hoga” has crossed 1,00,000 hits. Even his stand up comedy video on Youtube has got thousands of hits.

He believes in showing the society a mirror through his comedy. He uses comedy as a vehicle to present social commentary. He skilfully employs his wit and sarcasm to comment on subjects that are often less spoken about in public discourse. Some of his favourite topics to joke about are caste, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, science, history, and cows.

But this is a light hearted comedy show with no serious topics. His will share his journey in life through hilarious anecdotes.

  • Age Limit: 16+

  • Please keep your audio ON during the show.

  • Please do not talk or interrupt the performer during the performance.

  • Please try to join this Zoom call from a room with no background noise.

  • Installing the Zoom app is necessary to get access to the show.

  • You’ll get a Zoom link on email as soon as you purchase the ticket.