Hobbystation – Music Workshop for Kids

Whether we are happy or sad, excited or dismayed, determined or anxious – there is music for every emotion and occasion. A lot of us equate music with an instrument like a guitar or piano, but is music really restricted to that? In a bird’s song, in the rustle of leaves, in the tap of our fingers on a desk, in the humming of tunes, in our heartbeats – music is everywhere!

Let’s unleash the creative musician inside your child! Our unique Digital Music Course is designed to help children learn the building blocks of music like beat, rhythm, percussion, melodies and tunes and use them to create their own piece of music. Children will develop an ear for music and also acquire the skill of using everyday objects (not only musical instruments) to create tunes.

Skills: Creativity; Listening; Observation; Memory; Concentration; Reasoning & Logic

Batch strength: 10 kids per batch only