A free online developer conference to help you prepare for a post-pandemic world

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a global lockdown in different countries alongside the introduction of the “social distancing” safety measure to help prevent the spread of the virus. Hence many developers around the world are working from home right now and are forced to adjust to new patterns, work under pressure or endure until everything is over.

While this is going well for some developers, it has been a struggle for many others. To better support and help the global ecosystem of developers stay productive, motivated and connected, Hashnode and freeCodeCamp have decided to host a virtual #LockdownConf to help developers from around the world to learn from the best minds during the self-quarantine period.

The one-day free online conference will have only 4-panel sessions hosted by 12 amazing individuals in the tech ecosystem which would be streamed on YouTube alongside Q/A, discussions and networking sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is #LockDownConf
#LockDownConf is a free online conference hosted by Hashnode and freeCodeCamp to help developers prepare for a post-pandemic world.

When is it happening?
The stream will start at 14:00 GMT. Morning in America, afternoon in Europe / Africa, and evening in Asia.

Where is this holding?
This is a virtual event and you can attend at the comfort of your home on April 14th by watching on the freeCodeCamp community YouTube channel.

What will I learn?
We would have 4 back-to-back panels of developers discussing:

  • How to learn new skills while social distancing
  • How to work from home productively and stay sane
  • How to find companies who are still hiring and apply for developer jobs
  • How to land freelance work during the pandemic

alongside Q/A, discussions and networking sessions.

How can I join?
The stream will start at 14:00 GMT. Click here to add it to your calendar.

Do I need to pay to attend?
We will live stream the entire conference for free. And we’ll have a member chatroom where anyone who’s supporting freeCodeCamp on YouTube can chat and ask questions.

If you aren’t supporting freeCodeCamp on YouTube yet, you can click the “join” button. This way we can still cover the cost of the conference while keeping it free for people who can’t afford to support us. This will also make YouTube’s chat a bit easier to moderate.

Can I re-watch the stream after the event?
Yes you can re-watch the stream after the event

Who is organizing this?
Team Hashnode and our friends at freeCodeCamp