Make Your Own Bioenzyme Cleaners

Curious about how you can use simple kitchen ingredients to make your own natural cleaners that are safe for human health and the environment?

Come join us for this workshop where we’ll walk you through how to make your own Bioenzyme natural cleaners from citrus peels.

We’re collaborating with the good folks at Palmera to give away one kit of Palmera natural scrubbers worth over Rs 400 for each ticket!

Bioenzymes are multi-purpose, eco-friendly, natural cleaners that are good for people, planet and our pocket! They are made by fermenting fruit peels, jaggery/ brown sugar and water over a period of 30 to 90 days. Bioenzymes can be used to clean your floors, kitchen counters, dishes, laundry and has many more uses.

A big part of low-waste cleaning is also the tools we use. Palmera natural scrubbers are made of materials such as coir fibres and are plastic-free! Natural scrubbers do not leach micro plastics and are safer for our planet and for our health

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