Money Matters – Masterclass by Dom Moorehouse

Money Matters Masterclass by Dom Moorehouse

These are uncertain times.

In a world where everything has changed in an instant, you want stability, security, a sure thing. You’re not a complete mess (most days), but you want to feel like you still have some shred of control over your life and your livelihood. You want to feel empowered in a seemingly powerless situation.

All this talk about a recession has you low-key stressing about the future of your business and career. Is anyone going to buy my service/product/offer when so many are out of work and the future of money is so unclear?

Or maybe you don’t have a business or a career, and this was a wakeup call for you. You don’t want to rely on just your partner’s income anymore. You know you have unique gifts to offer the world, and you’re ready to learn how to use them in a way that will help your family thrive.

As much as we would love to tell you money doesn’t matter, we all know that it does. It might not buy happiness, but it certainly buys a lot of things that make happiness easier.

So how can you shift out of that fear and into the powerful confidence that will actually get you the results you need? What can you do to ensure that you’re doing work that feels good to you and the people you serve, while also providing for you and your family? How can you come out on the other side of this stronger and more abundant than ever?

Join us on this workshop were non-other than Morgan Housel who has lived through 3 recessions and navigated the volatile markets takes us through these uncertain times.

This masterclass will help you get clarity around:

how to shift your mindset around the current collective uncertainty
how to step up as a leader in the new era we are entering into
how to utilize your energy in the most efficient, aligned way
how to make correct, confident decisions
your core needs in life and business
the unique gifts you bring to the world
how to market your unique gifts
what you truly need and desire out of life and action steps to get it
how you are designed to manifest
what kind of strategies work for you (and ones that don’t)
how to create a routine/rhythm • your unique selling superpowers
how to confidently sell at a price that feels good to you
how to step into your power and worth in your work
how to attract the right opportunities, clients, collaborations, etc.
what to consider when hiring team members
where your deepest conditioning is and how to begin to release it
and so. much. more.

This is done in collaboration with Asset Vantage and will be hosted over a Zoom Webinar. Join us on May 10, 2020. 5 PM IST. See you there!