NGT – Food and Travel Writing Master Class

National Geographic Traveller India’s Culinary Writing workshops equip you with a deep and insightful approach to food travel and writing—the kind that brings out places, people and culture through flavourful a play of words. Developing the gaze for food-centric travel, or tackling form and style in food writing, we’ve got you covered from plate to paper.
Here, you’ll learn about what you need to do on a trip if you want to focus more on food. When you’re a foodie, bringing out more experiences on your travels is a lot more fun. The workshop will equip you on how to write about food better too. Delicious is not the right descriptor for food. Then what is? Find out in the workshop.

What you’ll learn:

What is involved in food and travel writing?
How to introduce more food and drink in your travel
Record-keeping and writing
How to write about food
Basic Food Photography 

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