#OffstageLIVEMusic with Aliens They Exist

Who says the COVID19 virus and subsequent lockdown have to have to take your entertainment away? During this quarantine, we at Offstage have been trying to keep everyone’s spirits up in the best way we know how, by bringing live music to you straight to your homes, in the form of our #OffstageLIVEMusic series.

#OffstageLIVEMusic is a series of LIVE sessions with some awesome indie artists, across genres, that are the breath of fresh air your confined mind and body need at the moment. Catch these amazing artists on our Instagram page @offstageofficial, to brighten up your isolation and give you a chance to hear some live music, talk to the artists, and maybe even have them play your requests for you!

Listen, engage, request and hangout with these talented artists! Join these artists on Offstage and take your mind off this quarantine… for at least an hour