Patte Khul Gaye


After writing many thought-provoking plays like “Mera Woh Matlab Nahi Tha”, “Shimla coffee house”, “jab we separated”, and many other blockbusters, film, tv and theatre personality, Rakesh Bedi comes out with yet another spectacular theatrical experience.

“Patte Khul Gaye”.

It is a hilarious expose of the hypocrisies in our society.

Dr. Manoj Rai (Anant Mahadevan) and his wife Manju rai (Roopali Ganguli) have invited their close group of friends for dinner. She has been preparing an elaborate sumptuous menu for the past three days comprising of eight starters and a large dinner layout for this great evening. But as they say “Man Proposes God Disposes”.

Along with their very old friend ‘bob’ comes to a lady called ‘Shireen’ (Kishwar Merchant) who is extremely rich and does not belong to the middle-class strata like all of them. Within no time lots of masks start coming apart and the embarrassing secrets of one and all start coming to the fore. Shireen who is ultra-rich exposes the middle-class values and hypocrisies and tries to portray their pitiable condition. Shireen also condescendingly says that they are used and neglected by one and all. She also tells them how the middle class is always showing off what it has and hiding under the carpet what it doesn’t.

The lady of the house Manju refuses to buy this argument and takes Shireen head-on and strongly defends the great Indian middle class. But still unexpected situations start arising and the poor hostess Manju who has toiled for three days for this dinner is unable to even serve the starters as the dinner and the party goes for a toss. To top it up one of the guests called “akela” who is a poet (portrayed by Rakesh Bedi) comes out with a funny couplet at the drop of a hat to ease tense moments. Laced with hilarious situations and rip-roaring laughter. “Patte Khul Gaye” is a must-see laugh a minute riot for all. The cast boasts of formidable names of film & theatre-like Anant Mahadevan, Roopali Ganguli, Kishwar Merchant, Avijit Dutt, and Rakesh Bedi. “Patte Khul Gaye” is produced by felicity theatre and is written and directed by Rakesh Bedi.