StarGazers ft. DJ Ziya Sharma

In this Session of StarGazers we are presenting DJ Ziya Sharma!

DJ’ing professionally for many years, Sonal Nayak aka DJ Ziya has always dug the roots of R&B and Hip-Hop, using his old vinyl records! Her respect for where music has come from and how it got to where it now has always shown him to be beyond his years!

Her diverse repertoire of sets and styles, from R&B to Hip-Hop, Soul, and Funk has always kept DJ Ziya one step ahead of the rest! With a style that gives the crowd some of what they love, some of what they used to love, and some of what they should love, Ziya is ALWAYS Entertaining and Enlightening! Engaging in the better of the unknown, she likes to focus more on what she believes people should be listening to. As opposed to what they ‘think’ they want to listen to whilst ensuring they never leave the dance floor and return week after week wanting more!!