Sumdi me show ho raha he. Wo bhi free me. Link nechi he, aa jao. Maja ayega. Maja nahin aya to double paise wapis.

The group performs scenes and games much like the hit TV show – ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’.

The games are hilarious and interactive. Nothing is scripted. Everything is made up on the spot inspired by your suggestions.

We are the best Improvisational theater and comedy troupe in India.

ICM has been performing at venues across the country since it’s inception in 2009.

We have represented India at International Improv Festivals such as Impro Amsterdam’s 17th International Improvisational Theatre Festival, Berlin Improv festival, Toronto Improv festival, Seattle Festival of Improv theatre, Mania Improv theatre festival, Vancouver Theatresports festival

Mukul Chadda – Mukul Chadda peddled mortgage bonds and research ideas for Lehman Brothers in New York, before moving to Mumbai to engage in more conventional forms of acting. He can now be seen promoting sundry products on television, performing live improv theatre around Mumbai, and acting in films & web series, most recently as the annoying yet affable Jagdeep Chaddha in the Indian adaptation of The Office.

Ankit challa – Ankit Challa the Improviser was a Corporate guy until his boss saw the Aaaa Ghanshu postman ad on television and came to know he was two timing. Now he a full-time actor, Improviser and conducts corporate shows. Ankit loves Patanjali products especially Aloevera gel.One mantra he swears by is… When life throws lemon, Bolo usko mein aj bhi phenke hua lemons nahi uthata.

Yogesh Upadhyaya – Yogesh is funny. But nowhere near as funny as he thinks he is. Nobody can be that funny. Absolutely no one. Except maybe….Yogesh.

Avinash Verma – Actor by day and actor by night. He loves to perform and the only thing he craves is to see his audience being entertained. For that he can go to any length. You can never guess what he is gonna surprise you with, but you are always entertained nevertheless.

Surya Rao is an actor, writer, director, and an Improviser. He has worked in more than a dozen films and about half a dozen theater plays as an actor. He Wrote and Directed a play ‘ FourPlay At A Funeral’ and a few short films. A couple of his feature screenplays have finished filming and currently in post-production.

Surya is a part of the Improv Ensemble, Improv Comedy Mumbai, where they perform both short-form and long-form improv.

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