TC Masterclass: How To Craft Your Creative Voice & Build Communities Online with Mandovi Menon

Topic: How To Craft Your Creative Voice & Build Communities Online with Mandovi Menon

Can we use social media more meaningfully to build independent platforms which provide value? At the heart of this equation is being able to identify and develop your own creative voice.

In this introductory course that centres itself around Instagram, here’s what you’re going to learn:

  1. A framework of thinking to help you communicate more authentically/ define your voice or brand identity (theory)
  2. Tools to help you innovate in your expression (practical)
  3. Short case studies of Indian creators (theory)
  4. What it means to build an online community and how to keep them engaged (theory & practical)
  5. Tips for tracking your own progress on these platforms

Writer & Creative Director Mandovi Menon has founded two independent media platforms and designed identities and campaigns for several culture brands in India over the past decade. She’s mentored many creatives along the way and curated this session to distribute these learnings to a wider audience.

This session is medium agnostic. As such, it’s relevant for artists across disciplines as well as marketing professionals and people looking to improve the quality of their presence online.

What is The Coalition?

The Coalition (Digital) is a festival of creativity for entrepreneurs, artists, innovators, students, experts and anyone who wishes to start a career in the creative industry. TC:D enables collaborations between the creative community, innovates with them and fuels the next wave of creative ventures.

Over the years, TC has established a network that joins the dots between key stakeholders in the creative community. It is now an exhaustive learning program on your screens that enables upskilling across design, comedy, journalism, content creation, art, fashion, film, gaming & more.

Who is The Coalition for?

  • Those who want to stay at home and learn.
  • Take up creative courses and interactive workshops by experienced professionals to enhance their skill set.
  • Entrepreneurs with a vision wanting to turn it into a viable business.
  • Mid-level entrepreneurs, start-ups, experts, industry professionals, students or anyone willing to learn, collaborate and network.

Connect, learn and get inspired through your screens.

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