TESTED COMEDy +VE & Am I Audible? Double Bill show

Self-Convinced that the only way to go viral in this lockdown era is to test himself positive, his endless search for corona left him with only content and no virus. Post performing to Housefull shows across lockdown, here’s presenting his comedy special Tested COMEDy +ve, a one-hour culmination of his lockdown episodes. Tested COMEDy +ve is an emotional edgy satirical yet relatable journey coming straight from this boy next door(He prepared for TOEFL, hence used fancy words). Travelling from Chennai to the current government, to parents, to lockdown events, to social media, to OTT platforms, to mask & sanitizer, to ludo, and halting at china(for obvious reasons), this special is brutally unbiased in picking on diverse topics. So come be a part of this endorphin filled ride and Test yourself COMEDy POSITIVE with the carrier Anerudh Murali! This is a double bill comedy show..so you get double the humour for a single ticket. 90 minutes of laughter is the singular focus of the two artistes.

‘Am I audible?’ Is Arun’s third solo, where he will talk about various experiences he has gone through in last decade or so, and how the pandemic makes a mockery of the past. His aspirations, his fears all will be shared in good humour. This is a show that will be dipped in reality and therefore is funnier than we can otherwise imagine.

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