The Funny Lineup – An Online Comedy Show

Come watch a bunch of established and upcoming comics try out old and new jokes. Sign up for a fun end to your weekend, right from the comfort of your home.

We will send you the zoom meeting id details 30mins before the show. Any query Dm us on Instagram @komedycountdown.

Mohit Morani hails from a small town in Rajasthan. He brings a powerful punch to stage which makes you want to see him again, and again. Taking mundane things from everyday life and making it into something colorful and fun, Mohit delivers the most unexpected punches. Taking observational comedy to a whole new level, Mohit will be a name you will recommend to your friends for sure.

Rohit Swain’s stage performances are a mix of stand-up, impersonations, sketches and funny songs on guitar, which keeps his style of comedy delightfully amusing. He has been featured on NDTV’s The Rising Stars of Comedy, where he was hilarious as hell. He is surely an act you should not miss.

Abijit Ganguly is funny. He claims he’s never been on Tinder. He is also very funny. He’s certain one day he’ll have six-pack abs and be better looking than the most handsome Bengali Bappi Lahiri. Did we mention he is funny? Recently married to his long-time Gujarati girlfriend, Abijit’s life has been changing and how. While some have been congratulating him, some have been passing their condolences. He, on the other hand, claims he’s taking one for the career. The pain should give new material!

Siddhartha is an upcoming stand-up comedian. He puts an incredible amount of hard work and brings in energetic performances with a variety of characters. It is a delight to watch him and fun to listen to his stories.

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