Tinzie presents Inder Sahani with “Comedy Ghar Par Hai”

Tinzie presents Inder Sahani with “Comedy Ghar Par Hai”

With super-duper performance, Tinzie is back with Inder Sahani presents “Comedy Ghar Par Hai”.

After 7 videos, More than 15 million views and 30 offline shows.

Inder Sahani comes on your nearest mobile/laptop,Tv screen with online Comedy Show “Comedy Ghar pe hai”

( Jinko laga MMS ki baat hori hai, please sudhar jao)

See you on 22nd August, Saturday at 10PM !!!

Rules of the Show:

  • This show is on Zoom. Please download the Zoom Web Meetings App and register.
  • Please join the Zoom call 10 minutes before the scheduled event time. Also, make sure you are in a good room with internet connectivity and silence around.
  • Please wear headphones.
  • Please do not RECORD any of this! This is a ton of hardwork and effort going into making you guys laugh during these tough times and we’d appreciate if you respect the artist and craft by not recording.
  • Laugh Loud and enjoy! You’re part of something special.