Tinzie presents Paradoxical with Pratik Jain

Tinzie presents Paradoxical with Pratik Jain

With the huge success of Paradoxical with Pratik Jain Show, Tinzie presents the Pratik Show for 15th August 2020 at 8 PM.

Born in Bihar, studied in a Hindi medium school, living in Gurgaon, Pratik is forced to be sophisticated at work as a Tax Consultant..

Quite paradoxical !!

Come join this stand up comedy show packed with hilarious tales in which he talks about his home, state and 3 Ws of his life – wine, work and….. well you know.

Rules of the Show:

  • This show is on Zoom. Please download the Zoom Web Meetings App and register.
  • Please join the Zoom call 10 minutes before the schedules event time. Also, make sure you are in a good room with internet connectivity and silence around.
  • Please wear headphones.
  • Please do not RECORD any of this! This is a ton of hardwork and effort going into making you guys laugh during these tough times and we’d appreciate if you respect the artist and craft by not recording.
  • Laugh Loud and enjoy! You’re part of something special.

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